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How to change your life without loosing your soul

By 2014-04-08September 4th, 2023Blog5 min read

We’re rebranding Life, and launching business in a new direction | Announcing, JA Design Studio!

Been released from a 10 years local government education department, was to me at first a panic alert mixed with relief. Had this wonderful opportunity to raise my youngest child and still the chance to work at home — kept my creative brain working. And believe me, this was life changing and an opportunity to start something that was already there.

“ Some of the most life changing moments are those that forces you to do something that you love, living live and put yourself first — your happiness!”

I’ve changed my goals from being unhappy to become fully and completely aware about my priorities. Something I’ve learned years ago, money is not a goal it’s a problem. Some of the most life changing moments are those that forces you to do something that you love, living live and put yourself first — your happiness comes first. Doing so you will make everyone around you more happy and less stressed about something as dreadful as money. I believe that every small things, the little things in life are those that matter the most.

ja design studio hassellblad

With this in mind and being frustrated by this unbelievable government strategy to unemployed professionals, it drives you crazy, I started developing this idea of working at home. It started slowly and with the help and motivation from my friends and colleagues, this idea started to grow. The chance to work for a local fruit producer (branding and it’s online and offline activation) and from there it went to another client, and another made the idea even stronger. It went well, mixed with the “via dolorosa” job search and frustration versus the need to apply to jobs unreal in both qualification demands and payroll made me think even more about it. I will start a design studio of one. Today. Now.

In a believe that a job is actually never done, in a constant growing perspective, I started slowly developing JA Design Studioconcepts and goals. The brand emerges and it mirrors the overall concept — black & white — everything is clear as that, simple and with no golden leafs or white noise to confuse the clients. Clients will be friends to walk among us together side by side. We stand from the crowd with the little things are the ones that matter the most — the “God is in the detail” idiom.

mockup-websiteAfter I come up with the concept and fine tuning the brand, slowly I defined a still work in a work in progress website. There I’ll show some of the works and a statement saying: “Hey! Being trying to meet you!” — something like that 😉

It’s not an easy path to walk neither an easy task to accomplish, it’s hard, I’ve failed quite a few times, had given up a few others. Each time I’d apply to a design job offering something less than the minimum wage salary, demanding knowledge and know-how of one design combined into 3 or 4 like a Dragon Ball hero, I realized even more that taking this step was indeed something to do ASAP.

(…) money is not a goal it’s a problem.

So I’ve decided to launch this design studio. JA Design Studio has born and I hope it stays alive for many years and help change the world, at least a little bit. As Jobs used to say: “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

I’m I crazy to take this risk? Maybe, but I’m sure that I will be happier than the rest of the 9 to 5 herd. I have the privilege to watch every single little thing that my youngest son do, his evolution, every step every laughter. I get to cook, yes cooking helps me design — something I’ll be talking about soon.


And you? Will you take that leap of faith and start living this one and only life that was given?! Enjoy all the little thing, what was the last time you stopped, really stoped to look at the clouds? To enjoy the summer rain drops on your face? To kiss your kids in the face after they covered them selfs of mud and their hearts with love.

João Agostinho – Father & Graphic Designer @

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