Catarina Lino Branding
Catarina Lino is a certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Life Coach and Yoga teacher. She started her activities in 2014 and asked us to develop her brand logo and website with a blog and online booking classes.
The commission for her visual identity also includes the online presence and print collaterals. ​​For Catarina’s new identity, we used ‘CAC Champagne™’ — and a customised version of Panama™ Light.
The logo was inspired by her way of life, healthy and happy thoughts and meditation. Simple and with movement flowing like a feather and making a statement saying I’m here to help you help yourself.
Year: 2015/16
Client: Catarina Lino
Account: Cláudio Barroca
Art Director: João Agostinho
Design/Typography: João Agostinho, Cláudio Barroca
Website: João Agostinho, Cláudio Barroca