Case Study

When experienced electricians and AC technicians ETEK sought to establish their maintenance services business in London, they recognized the value of working with professionals to develop their visual identity and online presence. By partnering with our design studio, ETEK brought cutting-edge branding to capture attention and communicate its expertise in serving residential, commercial, and industrial properties across London.


The Solution — Logo Design

We crafted a dynamic modern logo incorporating lighting bolts and a lightbulb to spotlight ETEK’s electrical focus while conveying their power to enlighten any space. Sleek and vibrant, the logo synthesizes ETEK’s capacity to take on illuminating projects large and small.

etek-work safety grid
etek services ltd horizontal logo

The Solution — Web Design

Bringing this electric aesthetic to their website design reinforced ETEK’s technical caliber. Easy online booking and mobile responsiveness was prioritized to enable seamless connection with potential customers. By elevating ETEK’s professionalism across branding touchpoints, our studio helped strengthen their foundations for accelerated business growth through world-class design.

etek services website design home


ETEK knew professional branding and web design were key to standing out as electrical and AC experts in London. By collaborating with our design studio on their lighting bolt logo and sleek website showcasing their technical savvy, we positioned ETEK as a dynamic, customer-friendly maintenance service poised for growth. Strategic visual identity and online presence can make all the difference for skilled trades establishing themselves in competitive markets. With branding elevating their professional polish, ETEK sparks connections.

Year: 2023
Client: Habib Fazli and Hamid Fazli
Creative Director: João Agostinho
Creative Fields: Branding, Graphic Design & Webdesign
Creative Team: Marta Santos & João Agostinho